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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  August 9, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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tragedy on the hudson. a helicopter and small plane collide in mid air as thousands people watch below. the latest on the scene in new york. quarantine in china. the last of the local students are back in the states after the swine flu fears. and it's the right of
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passage to the new season, fan appreciation day and we'll tell you how it turned into a record breaking. good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. sarah is off today. and plus the health care debate and the first day for sonia sotomayor. the mercury stepped up yesterday. get ready for a summer scorcher. tuckerarnes is tracking things from down in the weather center. tucker, how bad will it get? >> it will be pretty bad by tomorrow. our hottest temperatures of the season set to arrive later today as we'll be well into the 90s and by tomorrow maybe 100 degrees here at reagan national. let's start with a look at current conditions. and right now as you head out the door, not terrible. muggy with humidity way up. dew point temperatures in the low 70s, but the air temperature ickrght w isno
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e. an onal 74 and dulles n and bwi marshall 73. it will be down right hot later due to the showers oe reason to the north and east, in philadelphia and new je. rrs se lingering i it lingering in the washington ea. t that li ft to e . thto the north so the skies will turn suy and hot. the temperatures will jump another 20 degrees or so. so be prepared for a very hot afternoon. plenty of sunshine by later today. hazy, hot and no doubt about it, humid as well. high temperature here in washington 95 degrees, so close to a record high. and tomoow even warmer. i'll have more details on the forecast coming up. melanie, back to you. and remember you can track the testimonier scorcher on our website. we have the latest info around the clock at then look for oy your day plann on the right of the page.
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this time no miracle. we gin with a tragedy on the hudson. a helicopter and small plane collide over the river. nine people are believed to have been killed. here is the latest: so far crews have recovered three victims, one of them a child. the search picked up given today at daylight. it's happened between new jersey and new york city. matt acland has more on the investigation. >> reporter: it was a beautiful noon hour in new york when the tragedy struck. a plane heading for ocean city, new jersey, and a helicopter on a sightseeing tour, both colliding in the sky. >> once you heard the blast, that was it. it just went down. i saw the plane hit the propeller of the helicopter, the helicopter started spiraling and wt straight down. it was a big splash and then the plane went down and veered off on the other side. >> reporter: we have to show you the haunting images again. frame by frame you can see the mid air crash.
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all of this happening as many people stood and watched from the banks of the hudson river. >> we looked up in the sky and saw something fall in the water and we see a plane minus a wing and it was spiraling out of control and it smashed into the water and sank right away. >> reporter: the mayor michael bloomberg rushed to the site and believed he didn't believe anyone could survive a crash of this force in these conditions. >> we will over the next hours remove the bodies from the helicopter or the plane that we found, but at this point our paramount focus is making sure that our divers are safe. >> rerter: there are a lot of questions here. how did the aircraft get suro close to each other? was there radio contact? was one supposed to yield to the other? answering those questions could take months. the first priority is recovering the victims. the next is removing the plane and helicopter from the river,
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hoping the wreckage will reveal additional includes. >> they will do a complete investigation and whether there should be any steps taken to improve safety and to prevent similar tragedy such as this. >> reporter: matt acland, fox 5 news. >> and we're learning a pilot who was watching all of this from the ground did try to use his radio to warn the two, but we don't know if the two received that warning. one of the busiest air spaces in the nation, but smaller aircraft in the area are not controlled by air traffic controllers. they use a special radio frequency informing other pilots about takeoff times and flight routes. this story is still continuing. we'll have any breaking information as soon as it comes in. and closer to home, investigators are looking into what caused a plane crash in
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carroll county, maryland, killing two people. it happened near the keymar airport in taneytown. the victims' names has not been released. the man flying the plane waisted be a experienced pilot. a group was quarantined in china for over two weeks and the last of the students arrived at dulles airport last night. jennifer davis has their story. >> they still have to clear customs after they get off the bus. >> reporter: four families wait anxiously for their teenagers to arrive from beijing and they see their children looking happy and most importantly healthy. >> i had fun there. and i could have stayed longer, but i like to be home. >> reporter: 21 students left july 13th to learn about e chinese culture and language
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but all were quarantined by the chinese government and some of them hospitalized when half of the group got sick. >> almost everyone else was sick and i felt bad but i was kind of blessed because i didn't get swine flu or go to a hospital. >> reporter: 11 kids went to the hospital and 9 tested positive for the virus. beg alone in the hospital was scary they say but they say the virus wasn't so bad. >> it's like the flu. it me -- to me i thought it was just a cold. they said it was swine flu and i had to quarantined and go to the hospital and stay there. >> reporter: everyone agrees it was not hardest on the six students but their parents back in the u.s. >> it was way harder for them. i thought i'll get through this but for them we have no contact. >> reporter: they have all good stories to tell and olivia got an engraved survivor gift from
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her mom. jennifer davis, fo5 news. >> the student that's rivaled last night stayed in china -- students that arrived last night stayed an extra week to make up the time in china. in newberg, maryland, volunteer firefighters were hurt by a deluge gun. that's a water cannon that sits on top of a fire truck. the gun came loose and hit the firefighters but all of them are expected to be okay. social networking sites being used to develop more than just friends. investigators in montgomery county have arrested 20 men for solicitation of a minor. police say during not-long investigation, an undercover police officer placed ads for prostitution. >> one of the things we did learn is that it's not just a county problem. we had people responding here from ohio, new jersey, and then
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other regions of the -- around the beltway. so i don't think it's just montgomery county. and i think it's more common than people might believe. >> we've learned that one of the men arrested is a montgomery county firefighter. another was also charged with possession of a firearm on public school property. well a day to remember. the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice sworn in. sonia sotomayor became the third woman and first latin american to be elected to the highest court. but don't expect big changes. the new justice is not expected to shift the balance of power. caroline shively reports. >> so help me god. >> congratulations and welcome to the court. >> reporter: and with that, sonia sotomayor and the court made history. the first hispanic justice, and just the third woman and the first justice to take the oath
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live on television inside the court building. the president nominateher in may to replace justice suitor. she was confirmed by a 68-31 vote, although nine republicans voted for her. many say her 17 year career shows she's a moderate while others say she's a conservative as her comments of a wise latina woman. court watchers will be checking out everything she does a month from now when she takes a rare hearing before the october start. most justices take an oath in a pub public -- public ceremony over at the white house, and instead sotomayor will have a reception there. >> the next session started september 9th and that's when
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the justices will hear comments on a campaign finance case. a man storms a pennsylvania gym with a gun. new surveillance video moments after the attack. and also virginia is slashing it's sales tax for back to school. what qualifies? we'll tell you. how some are saving more than 5%. a
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president john f. kennedy's sister continued to fight for her life in massachusetts hospital. eunice kennedy schriever is the mother of maria shriver and remains in the hospital. she's best none for starting the special olympics. a please near fresno ended with 7 people dead, including four children. officers were trying to stap a car for a routine traffic violation when the driver wept through a stop sign and
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collided with a pickup. all of the kids that were in the truck were killed. we're learning more about a dealy shooting in a gym near pittsburgh. surveillance shows several women running from their lives and the shooter first paused to shut off the lights before he opened fire. meanwhile the community is coming together to remember the victims. mourners held a vigil this weekend and family and friends comforted one another. a memorial of cards and flowers is near the site. now residents are praying for the health of those who survived and hope something like this never happens again. >> it could have been any one of us. and anywhere, any time. but it was a scary thing. >> i want to go on. i want to be able to go back in the gym and work out and remember these ladies because we were working out together. >> the gunman killed three women and nine others were hurt. two of the victims were laid to
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rest yesterday. virginia sales tax shopping sending many over the bridge. today is the last day to get into the savings. many items are on sale. but many retailers are sweeping the deal. stacy cohan has the story. >>1, 82, 83. >> reporter: no, the oon to be first and second graders aren't practicing their math skills. they are trying to pass time. >> what have you been waiting for all the way up to 100? >> my mommy. >> reporter: mommy is someere among the shoppers squeezing extra buying power out of this tax holiday in virginia. any item of children's clothes under $100 or any school supply under $20 can be purchased without the extra 5% tax this weekend. amy bought 10 pair of shoes, and here is the kicker. >> and so we have sunday shoes until the age of 8 or 9 and
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we're 1-year-old today. >> reporter: and one son with nearly a dozen pair of shoes. >> the economy. my husband was out of work from january until april 3rd. money. you have to save when you can. >> reporter: potomac mills was packed with shoppers because similar tax-free days were canceled this year. bulging bags and tired tots crowd this enormous outlet mall and parents are pocketing on deep discounts, although the men in the family may have had enough. >> we've been shopping since like 9:00, 9:30. >> how are you feeling now? >> i'm ready to go. >> do you not like shopping? >> that is boring. because i don't want to. >> reporter: caleb did get a new pair of sneakers and his sistering on a reward for her patience. >> i think it's a little fun. because you get to pick out
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clothes. and sometimes moms let you have toys. >> reporter: sadly, the toys are not tax-free. stacy cohan, fox 5 news. >> the virginia department of taxation expects shoppers to save $4 million. and you can read the list of qualifying items on by clicking on the money tab. and hoar are story -- and here are stories expect the in the week ahead. tomorrow the president will be in mexico. topics include the swine flu, crime change and international criminal cartels into on tuesday he heads to new hampshire to tout health care reform. it's the first visit to the state since being elected. later in the week he'll take the family on a tour of yellowstone and the grand canyon. and on wednesday at the university of iowa, searchers
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will begin a study on the swine flu vaccine. if your struggling to survive the system, you're not alone. meet a doctor who offers his services for free next. and an unexpected downside to the cash for clunkers program. you win, but who is losing out. stay tuned.  (announcer) now skating...jim perdue.
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[ chanting ] no end in sight to the heated debates on health care reform. town hall meetings are filled with people for and against the health care system. many have erupted into shouting matches and some have gotten physical. dick durbin is pointing the problem at the health care industry. >> you can trace it back to the health care industry because they're making a ton of money
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on the current system. >> democrats maintain that president's plan would mean lower prices by encouraging real market competition. and the numbers don't lie, health care is a huge issue for americans. about 15% of people in virginia and maryland don't have health insurance. it's about 13% in d.c. now those stats are based on 2006 surveys so the numbers could be much higher right now. we talked to one maryland doctor about the challenges for health care reform and how he is helping patients survive the system. >> reporter: maryland cardiologist patter knows how to fix hearts after his wife and kids were killed in a car accident, his own broken heart led him to community service. he and his brother and sisters, all doctors, donate medical care to those who can't afford it. >> there is a huge need.
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>> dr. patter says his practice sees a lot of patients without health insurance these days. many are employed but can't afford to pay the premiums. his sister, a primary care doctor, says many are canceling checkups to save on co-pays and says any new plan should cover preventative insurance. >> many should get checked ahead of time. >> reporter: but there are wasted resources with hospitals and doctors so fearful of getting sued that they cover every base possible with admissions and tests. >> if you end up missing anything, i think that makes it more expensive. >> reporter: protecting doctors from ivolous malpractice suits must be a part of any true reform says the doctor. parentses have a lot of questions about the proposal.
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>> people are eager to know what the reform will look like and what the benefits will look like and it's anybody's guess. >> reporter: but the doctor says he will continue to honor the members of his family by providing care to those who can't pay. st, to re trying our do whatever we can do. >> reporter: it's good for their heart and his too. >> well as you can imagine, the doctor and his siblings were overwhelmed when patients when they began offering services and now they are completely full and hoping get more doctors to volunteer their time to serve more patients. we are following breaking news overseas. a strong earthquake has rocked tokyo. japanese scientists recorded a magnitude 6.9, but the u.s. puts it at 7.1. it was centered in an island southwest of tokyo. so far no word on injuries or
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damage. the health care battle rages on in town halls across the country. and news sunday tackles this and the president's new strategy in afghanistan. and we'll get a preview. and get red for a summer scorcher as tucker is back with a workweek preview. stay with us. fox 5 morning news sunday will be right back. yo t.'s
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violent attacks in afghanistan as health care rear form gets heated in town halls across the state. both issues are top on the white house agenda right now. president obama has already increased the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan. is the new strategy working, and what about the health care battle? fox news sunday tackles those issues this morning. chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's program. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. we're going to have an interview with a man that can clear up the issues about the
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president's war on terror and that is the president's national security advisor jim jones. he almost never does interviews. he's very low-profile but we'll have him on at the top of the hour and we want to talk about pakistan. the leader of the taliban, the mastermind of the assassination of benazir bhutto, a fellow name baitullah mehsud was reportedly killed by a u.s. missile strike this week. we want to talk with the general about that, about what it means as an opportunity for the u.s. and the pakistanis to clear up and clear out the taliban and al-qaeda which is in that region along the afghan- pakistan border. we'll talk with general jones about that. >> and some of the readings i've seen suggest that the fighting will get more intense in afghanistan as u.s. troops move into conflicts with taliban that haven't been engaged before and they're talking about a very expensive strategy here, perhaps saying
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that success in afghanistan could cost as much as $8 billion for the next ten years. if you're talking about military support and economic support. >> that's right. and particularly, let those talk about that number. over ten years, there are increasing reports, not only from american experts, but from the new british army chief of staff that secure or not that create a jefferson democratsy, but it could take a decade or two. >> and you'll be digging into the health care redate. and i have to tell you, if i were a member of congress right now, i would say i need to go back to washington because these people are too much more me. but is there any teeth for this allegation -- truth that the outrage is being coordinated? >> i'll say that i thought that august recess would be key.
8:32 am
i never dreamt that the town hall meetings would become steel cage death matches. there is no question that there are groups trying to organize people to go out and show up at town hall meetings and raise sometimes angry questions but i don't know that that's different from the left during president bush's administration organizing to get people in the streets to protest the war in iraq. i think that the one question is it doesn't sometimes go over the line. are they disrupting the meeting? there has been some violence and even arrest at some meetings, that's been the exception and not the rule. but that's the only question. but in terms of organizing and getting people to go out and express freedom of speech and that's the good old american way. >> and your guest will be mitch mcconnell of kentucky. the senate is going to have that take charge and take the ball on this when recess is
8:33 am
over. >> absolutely. and the question is the gang of six, the three republicans and three democrats trying to work out a deal. some are saying they don't want a deal, and they would rather have the health re reform deal go down inlames. and we were asking them about the economy because there were good -- was good news about the employment numbers and i'll be looking forward to asking him whether the president gets any recognition for that. >> that will be good. thank you, chris. well things might be looking better for the economy but still over 14 million americans were unemployed last month, putting the national jobless rate at 9.4%. but the president afeeling much more optimistic, by taking that
8:34 am
the airwaves reassuring americans that the worst may be behind us. the jobless rate was lower than june but still made it clear there is a long way to go. >> we must do more than rescue our economy from this immediate crisis. we must rebuild it stronger than before. we must lay a new foundation for future growth and prosperity and a key pillar of a new foundation is health insurance reform. reform th we are now closer to achieving than ever before. >> bob mcdonald delivered his response. the candidate argued the new labor was just another reminder from families and small businesses are still struggling. to a possible down side the white house is calling a success. its cash for clunkers program. many charities say it's to blame for a drop in vehicle donations. fox's adam housely has the
8:35 am
story. >> it's bleak. >> reporter: sun valley, california, turns thousands of cars into food less shelters and the boys and girl's club. they are down 30% from last year for donations. >> people are holding on to what they have and fixing the cars that they have. >> reporter: now cash for clunkers has put the brakes on. putting charities third in line. charities can offer a tax writeoff for as little as $500 next spring. that just can't compete with cash for clunkers, handing out up to $4,500 towara new car right now. >> in this tight -- economic time, i thought i might as well get as much help as i can. so yes, i have thought about donating, but i do need a vehicle for myself. >> reporter: repair shops and parts stores are also hurting as some customers trade in clunkers instead of fixing them. and some economists worry all of this may be a drop in the bucket. >> my only concern is what
8:36 am
happens when the program expires which will be soon, do sales go back down and they very well could. this is an artificial stimulus. >> the latest figures show 300 cars like these were donated to charities back in 20005, while cash for clunkers may be a shot in the arm for auto dealers, charitie that rely on these cars say uncle sam has put them on life support. in sun valley, california. adam housely, fox news. well some people say me might be having a clunker of a weekend. if you don't like hot and humid. we're going to tucker barnes in the weather center. >> no weekend could ever be a clunker. >> but that is true. >> but weather wise we are talking about hot temperatures out there. starting this afternoon you ll feel it and by tomorrow you could touch the 100-degree mark and the heat wave will continue into next week. 75 degrees right now so. we're off to a warm start. the humidity is what you will notice when you walk out the
8:37 am
door. 87%, our dew point temperatures are running into the 70s. so not only hot but very humid around here for the next couple of days. and our winds out of the south and west at about 8 milesper hour. we're looking at our morning satellite radar and we did have light showers that moved through from e thnorth a ehestnu heovernight. you can see those fading off and away from the washington area, toward philadelphia and g etjneyrsg get ng shower activity and some cloud cover. a lit bill of cloud cover and fog here in the washington ar. ea th the . inking is that will burn off quickly and we'll be left with bright sunshine for much of the day and it will be a very terhoft. th aonno in fact, high temperatures later today, we're not expecting much in the way of shower or thunderstorm activity to cool things off here, but by later in afternoon, with humidity around, high temperatures will be close to change her. 95 here in washington, 97 in la plata. 98 in fredericksberg. so setting the stage for a lot of very, very warm temperatures. i'll have more deill thats on the forecast coming up in just a minute.
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>> we'll see you up stairs in a bit. > no shortage of talkers in the buzz bin. the first of michael vick beginning the long journey back to repair his public image. we'll tell you where he paid a visit to a youth community center. and paula abduhl is onout from american idol. so what will she do next? the job offers are mounding. would is the latest to throw out the feelers. 
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in the buzz bin, the first of many for michael vick. the former falcons, quarterback made a visit to a community center yesterday. he was there to talk to inner city kids about dogfighting. it was organized by the humane society. vick is expected to make dozens of similar appearances around the country. and the drum beat is getting louder. abc is joining the chorus of those looking to hire paula abduhl since her departure of
8:42 am
american idol. they would love to see her walts over to dancing with the stars. no word on what will be her next move, but she has gotten a slew of wonderful offers, she said. but the show must go on. it's back to work for the judges. a former spice girl will help the transition. aleashia acuna speaks with a new idol team to see how they are coping. >> as the judges stepped out for the first time sin paula announced her departure, the mood was somber. >> i'm in black because i'm mourning herleaving the show. she was really the heart of the show. she was incredibly nurturing to the contestants and was like that for me last year. >> i am really sad. i was looking for her even more so than simon and randy because
8:43 am
you can count on her to be the nice one. >> i love paula and i think she's like the one that brings you up. >> after 8 years together, paula's presence will be missed. >> me and ryan and simon and her started this journey together, so really i'm shocked and sad and just really -- couldn't believe she's not here. but we love her. i'm sure she's going to be great whatever she decides to do. >> so it's a little different coming to the show without her. you never want to see anybody leave something like this. so we wish her the best and we love her. we always will. >> she was like my best buddy, really, on the show. and you don't realize how much you miss somebody when they're not there. i'm sad. >> but in denver, guest judge victoria beckham, posh spice, did her best to keep it up. >> i don't know if i'm nervous or excited, but my heart is about to jump out my throat so
8:44 am
i guess that makes me nervous, right? >> and this year simon has a foolproof way for contestants to move on to the hollywood rounds. >> suck up to me, really, at this point. >> there is no word yet on whether beckham is on idol. but her kids are confused. >> they thought i would be standing up and singing. >> reporter: aleashia acuna, fox news. and the next scrimmage for the burgundy and gold and it was a record-setting event. the team is back at it again today. two practices during the scorching heat so how hot will it get. and tucker said that the weather yesterday was not bad, but i was reading that three fans were treated for heat- related illness. >> lot of humidity yesterday and today we'll take the humidity and add 10 degrees to
8:45 am
it. so danger levels around here today and tomorrow. the heat wave will stick around a couple of days. >> all right. >> there is a life shot. i'll have the details on our forecast and let you know when the heat will break coming up in a few minutes. 
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some of the big stories we're following, the tragedy on the hudson. search crews are back on the river this morning searching for more victims from yesterday's crash the a helicopter carrying tourists and a small plane collided over the hudson river. so far three of the victims have been recovered. a happy homecoming for a group of american teens. the high school students were visiting china when one got sick and several later tested for swine flu. the last of the students arrived at dulles airport last night. and a heads up, if you're going to ride the rails this weekend and for the rest of the month, metro will be doing repair work. the transit agency says now is the best time because congress is out and people are on
8:49 am
vacation and ridership should be lower than usual. just about every line is affected and you can check out the details on that is no fun when you're out there. >> i gout caught in that a couple of weekends ago. i thought it was war and peace. it was wild. >> and even worse, if you're on one of the out door platforms and the sun is beating down and you're waiting for the light to starts flashing, telling you the train is arriving. >> no doubt about it. it wilbe a scorcher around here today. we have the big game at fedex field, bring along water and be prepared and you want to stay hydrated as it will be hazy, hot and humid combo we're famous for. there is the live shot. a lot of water in the atmosphere and it will become more and more unpleasant as we get into the afternoon hours. temperatures will top out in the mid-90s. let's go to the forecast and start with our headlines this morning. and again, we're talking possibility of some record heat around here. here comes the eat. we're going to notice it over the next several hours.
8:50 am
i think morning hours will be fine. so if you want to go out for a morning run, you're probably okay the next couple of hours. mid to upper 90s today. heat index right around 100 and we have a good chance of breaking some records by tomorrow. tomorrow, the forecast close to 100. the record at reagan national tomorrow about 98 degrees. so this will be our warmest temperatures of the year. and so i think it will be hot for the nextcouple of days. 75 here at reagan national. 74 in baltimore. low to mid-70s to start the day. 74 at dulles, 74 in hagerstown. and 72 in ocean city. we have a lot of water in the atmosphere. our dew point temperatures running about 70 or so. sot's going to be not only hot, but ery humid here the next couple of hours. the reason why, that was a warm front late in the day yesterday. still brings showers into philadelphia and new york city. but that will continue to lift off to the north and east later
8:51 am
today. and so our morning cloudiness and haze will give way to moly sunny skies during the course of our day today. and you know what that will set the stage for? a lot of heat. this is an old-fashioned pattern that brings uncomfortable temperatures to the washington area. hazy, hot and humid out there. the warm front will continue to push off to the north and east and allow at in the washington area and also out to the west, there are heat advisories for indianapolis and all the way to chicago. from midwest into the mid- atlanti we are going to be in for a scorcher. mostly sunny, hazy, hot and humid. afternoon high temperature of 95 degrees. winds out of the west here at about 5-10 miles per hour. we don't cool off tonight. mid-70s. a few clouds. it will be very humid overnight. 75 for an overnight low. winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. upper 90s to near 100.
8:52 am
tomorrow to le the hottest of the heat wave. hoping a few thunderstorms will get in here tuesday night and that will cool us down by wednesday and thursday. so the good news is that although it will be hot and possibility of dangerous heat around here tomorrow, this heat wave, unlike those in the past, will only last a few days. we've had them last 7, 10, 14 days but this only a few days. >> but still you'll get calls from runners. and air-conditioning repair men, expect a busy day. >> going to make some money at my house. those scorching temperatures will put the burgundy and gold to the test today. it's day 11 of redskins training camp. another two-day for the team. a morning and afternoon practice are closed to the public. a big day yesterday. the team held fan appreciation
8:53 am
day during it's first intra squad scrimmage. a record 29,000 people filed through the gates. all of the stops were in motion. the marching band, cheerleaders and even a message from coach jim zorn which stated the team -- must win the afc east. campbell finished 10 of 12 with a interception. and chase daniels scored the only touchdown. the defense had the upper hand. fortunately there wereno major injuries but there were plenty of smiles just at the chance, they say, to crack somebody. >> i think the guys love it. i really do. i think they love and run and know you can get tackled. there is a different spark and speed. >> the best thing about going live, is the guys get to hear the noise and it's good.
8:54 am
we're ady to get at somebody else right now. >> i thought it was a productive day. everybody looked pretty g. we have some things wehave to correct but that's football. >> the defense is always going to be well ahead of the offense. that's never going to fense, on place. and in offense, one person can blow a whole in the play. so i think offensively, we have a lot to do. we have to get healthy first and foremost. a lot of our guys didn't participant today. >> portis, haynesworth, cooley and all among those who did not participate. this crimmage getting -- this scrimmage getting ready for the first game. the skins and ravens go at it on thursday. kickoff is at 7:30. well fan have begun to appreciate the way the nationals are playing. they went into last night's game against the diamondbacks
8:55 am
riding a six-game winning streak. josh zimmerman continued his hitting in the fourth with his 18th homer and they never look back. with help of great fielding, nationals win 5-2 for the 7th in a row. the skipper credits the improved play of the defense during this winning streak. >> we had a couple of bad ballgames after the break, but for the most part, i think we've played about as good a defense as most teams -- when you match up our defense against the other teams defense on that particular night, i think we're right there with everybody. >> d.c. buzzing over the leg mason classic. a couple of big names vying. top seed andy roddick in the far court. taking on jason ei sister winning with a nice drop. he ripped the back hand to cap off the final set. here he goes here. roddick prevails. he will face juan martin dell porto in today's final.
8:56 am
and it is all about the fab four in one famousspot in london. 40 years later fans are blocking the traffic to celebrate a beatles milestone. we'll explain when fox 5 morning news returns. (announcer) now skating...jim perdue.
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london savvy road getting a lot of attention. the celebration includes recreating of the beatles crossing the albums make sake. a tribute at the exact moment from years ago. >> how do they know the exact moment? >> they must have marked the time. i feel like everybody had the album in their house. >> they must have. >> they did. amazing s. >> 's years. >> the album came around long before we were born. >> that's right. let's talk about heat and humidi. we still have cloud cover across the area holding temperatures down. but later this afternoon the heat will build and we're talking haze,y hot


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